my name is jessalyn rae

this is my photography website and i am so honored to have you visiting. i hope you like what you see! let me know if you have any questions or just shoot me a quick email if you want to chat!


if you’re wondering who this girl is and what’s she’s all about, let me just tell you!

i’m 5 foot and all but 2 inches tall.

i’m making Chattanooga, Tennessee home (voted best outdoor city so why not?).

but i still claim Texas as the state i was born and raised (please note the Astros ball cap).

most nights you’ll find me editing photos and making sure my adolescent dog doesn’t destroy any furniture

i prefer my coffee black, organic, and pour over (and am obviously overly pretentious about it)

an aim in life for me is to hear people, accept they’re hearts, point them to Truth, and love them all in between.

photography and film became a part of my life in middle school as a way to connect with friends long distance (made some pretty rad music videos and documentaries about my homeschooled life to send to my best friend).  this grew into part of my college education as i minored in film/media communication. and now it serves as way to let people have images that capture who they truly are. it also lets me express all my artsy vibes.

one of my favorite things is to meet new people (or connect with old friends) to discuss what kind of images you’re looking for and if my big ol’ camera would be a good fit or not! so take a look around and send me an email and we’ll get connected!

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